Top 8 Pro Tips and Tools for Budding Web Developers and Designers

Top 8 Pro Tips and Tools for Budding Web Developers and Designers

Stepping into the world of Web Design and Development? Take these tips along with you


  • Download tons of free resources.


Design work can be difficult most especially when you need to produce your own images. Basically, it’s hard to start every detail from scratch. During these moments, it’s important to get a little bit help. Go to reliable online resources such as psdGraphics, Kindle, PSD Collector and The Noun Project. With just one click, you can gain access to several icons and backgrounds.




  • Quickly view complicated CSS codes through CSS generator.


CSS3 Maker and CSS3 Generators are good examples of tools you can use to generate more complex CSS codes. Animations, rounded corners and drop shadows are awesome effects that you can employ from time to time.




  • Steal


The most awesome ideas come from other people’s ideas. Feel free to “steal” from the most experienced professionals occasionally when doing you own custom web development. You can gain tons of inspiration from browsing through the works of seasoned professionals.

Looking for a platform to generate new, unique ideas? Pinterest is the biggest resource for the greatest designs.



  • Utilize a reliable framework.


Reliable frameworks will not only help you create better designs. It will also help you make the design process a lot faster. Take advantage of the convenience and efficiency it brings. Using a framework can definitely save you time and money—you don’t need to start a tedious process from scratch.



  • Check how your website will appear on various kinds of web browsers and screens.


It’s easy to come up with a website design if you are the only individual viewing it. But, what if different people with different devices are going to view it as well? Before going live, check how it looks on various gadgets. All you need to do is select the browsers. Wait for your screenshots to show up.




  • Get a reliable programming-friendly text editor.


All programmers need dependable text editors to sharpen their skills. It’s also important to look for good text expansion applications so you can store code snippets, and use them with just a few keystrokes.




  • Build your own font library.


A font can make or break a good design. Trust me, you can always take advantage of good font collections. Check out FontPark. It offers more than 70,000 free fonts that you can use for any type of project.




  • Get Educated


In order to utilize tools and tips well, you need to learn the basics first. Are you still struggling with the fundamentals of design and programming? Then, all it takes is just one click to fully understand the most important concepts. Research on the comprehensive tutorials and articles.

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